About Us

Wondernight is an artistic project of talented professionals. The project in which the artist are the means of expression for telling stories. But the way we present it is unique. Just tell us your story and we will convert it into artistic performance. Pure power and energy of artists, singers, dancers, acrobats, right in front of you. Ready for the show? Not yet. We give you more.

The idea of Wondernight performance is to combine the art with innovatory solutions. That’s why is so difficult to categorize what we do. It’s a performance directed to those who are not artistic purist. We do not hesitate to combine elements that apparently do not fit one to another. We are not afraid to go deeper to wake up emotions and move senses. Just for the show. The highest performance show.

Wondernight is also the provider of sound, light and stage solutions. Both audio-visuals and innovatory stage effects are crucial during our shows. We focus on original scenography and pay extreme attention to choreography and proper directing the show. Our team is a group of professionals that complement each other. Creativity and art that’s our motto. Let’s get ready for the show!